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  1. Phil Taverna on December 19th, 2009 7:10 am

    Is Now the Time for Revolution or Aggressive Reform?

    Dear Robert Ariail :

    I love and enjoy your cartoons. The Lieberman piece was on target, great imagery.

    Your tonality and knowledge are very appealing.
    You are a true patriot.

    I would like to offer you a few ideas.

    I have started writing a book.

    What would it take to use some of your cartoons as posted in

    I am not sure at this time which ones will work and what a publisher will allow to be printed in the book. As the writing gets closer to completion, we can narrow down what cartoons have the best fit with the context of the material and the publisher’s demands.

    I would also like to co-author the book with you if you are interested.
    Basically the book is a revolutionizing approach to American Democracy.
    It will bring back “Common Sense” to our main arena of processing our future.

    The country has not taken advantage of the technology available in this magnificent century.

    Matter of fact they are carrying on as though our great country is still in the 1770’s.

    A Great nation plagued by corruption and lobbyists. Bothered by the conniving of groups
    like ACORN and union thugs.

    We have a golden opportunity with the upcoming elections to change this country.

    It would be as though a second “tea party” is mandatory to adjust the Liberal impact on our country.

    It is time for Real Change!

    The goals for this project are to create a book that:

    1. The guide will be written in simple terms. Mark Levin’s book was very powerful and successful, but unless you are constitutional scholar, it was a difficult read;

    2. This guide will have the potential to be used as a handbook by anyone interested in protecting their rights and their future as well as generations to follow. And the beauty here is that the handbook can be used by all Americans, both liberals and conservatives. Think how powerful that would be!

    3. This guide will explain the constitution in terms that work for both sides. Why not have a win-win result! Most people I have polled are sick and tired of this battle that has gone on for over 40 years. And who are the losers?

    Could you sense the results a book like this could achieve with your name on the cover!

    If you are interested or know of someone who might be interested let me know.

    The goal is not to have a negative liberal bashing book but a concept that will persuade both sides and allow them to be mutually happy and create a structure that will bring back the interest of many citizens that are now just totally disinterested and disgusted with our Red White and Blue Country. The New Beginning will demand the Populist’s cooperation and Voice.

    I am positive that I can and have gathered the concepts and ideas in print.

    Please let me know your feelings on the idea, or let me know if you could suggest someone who might be interested.

    I am not personally looking for publicity for myself; I just want to see a change take place that brings our country back to where it was and beyond. There is just so much bitterness; it can’t possibly be good for our future and our children’s future. We need to build stability and confidence, Now before it is too late.

    In a nutshell we can bring Our Country closer to a Democracy than it has ever been?

    A system so complete our founding fathers could only envy and be proud of such a broad accomplishment.

    Your expertise would serve as a powerful source for making a sound argument that these changes are legally possible and can be used to expand the horizons of this Once Great Democracy.

    It seems as though the 5000 year leap has taken a turn for the worse. Believe it or not, it would not take a great deal of change to bring it back for a 7,000 year leap!!!
    Without sounding like Al Gore, if the country does not turn things around in the next decade, the opportunities for future change may take a long time, if ever.

    Thank you for your time

    Warm regards


    Dr. Phil Taverna
    (610) 392-0291

    Ps. If you would like to see the outline of the book, please let me know.

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