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One Response to “Bankruptcies”

  1. Carl Strange on May 5th, 2009 3:34 pm

    I love the junkyard image; what a riot!

    Both parties have a lot to offer, though seldom at the same time. The business-of-America-is-business model that served the GOP so well till the Depression was such an idee fixée that it took 20 years to retool. Then the Democrats overreached in the Sixties and couldn’t quite say what they represented by the time Clinton came along. Then the GOP overplayed a hairline victory in 2000 and within 10 years were in the cold again.

    The GOP will be back, of course. No ruling ideology is so smooth that it can’t be worn out in an administration or two at most. Now the far-right gums flap over Obama-the-Manchurian-candidate, just as far-left gums flapped over Bush-the-last-puppet-of-Reaganism.

    Keep it up, Robert. Both sides need skewering. It’s good for all of us. What you do is more patriotic than a year’s worth of flag-waving.

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